What To Consider When Choosing Synthetic Grass

What To Consider When Choosing Synthetic Grass

Thinking of installing a synthetic grass? Well, budget isn’t the only thing to consider. Installing artificial grass or turf is an investment, and you need to put serious attention into everything in order to make the right decision. Here are essential factors to consider when choosing synthetic grass.


First off, you need to consider the amount of traffic in the area that you want to fill with artificial grass. If you have kids or pets who love staying and playing outdoors, it’s best to go for a grass that is extremely durable. Visit http://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au if you need durable and gorgeous synthetic grass for your lawn.


Quality artificial grass feels soft to touch. Homeowners are advised to choose polyethylene yarns or polyamide turfs because they are known for their high level of quality and durability. Also, it’s best to choose quality turfs because they are evenly backed and have well-stitched tufts. Well, you need to make an upfront investment but it will surely pay off in the long run.

When purchasing synthetic grass online, it’s smart to ask for samples so you don’t end up with a grass that you don’t like or need. You should know that fake grass samples may be too small in size and might not be able to give you an idea of the actual product. If you’re having hesitations, you can talk to the supplier and ask for a larger sample in order to help you make the right decision.

Pile Height

The length of the blades from above its backing to the tip of the grass is the pile height. Well, choosing a turf with taller pile may seem a good idea if you are into a lush-looking lawn. But, keep in mind that longer glass blades are heavier and tend to bend over themselves. As a result, your lawn will look flat as time passes by.

Weight & Density

The density of a synthetic grass refers to the amount of fibre on a yarn per square unit of the grass. Since a denser turf has more amount of yarn, expect to pay a bit more for it than less dense turf. The good thing about dense turds is that they provide aesthetic appeal to your lawn and are also more durable even in heavy traffic areas.

Infill and Backing

Turf is meant to be infilled to keep its lush-looking appearance while keeping it springy. When choosing infill materials for your turf, you need to consider your personal preferences and budget. You can go for popular infill materials like rubber crumb and sand. Talk to your supplier to ask for the best infill materials for your lawn.

For backing, you can either go for latex or polyurethane. Polyurethane doesn’t expand or contract while latex can shrink by 5 to 10 mm. Hence, polyurethane can make a better choice for regions that experience harsh weather changes.

When buying fake grass from http://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au/artificial-grass-for-balconies, be sure to consider the factors above to make the right choice.



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