What To Look For In A Podcast Mixer

What To Look For In A Podcast Mixer

Are you looking for a high-quality podcast mixer? If yes, you’ll be glad to figure out that many novice podcasters think in the same way. It never takes a long time before the idea of buying a mixer comes to your mind. Although you may not have the desired audience, you could be receiving valuable feedback. In such situations, you become obsessed and want to make your podcast shine by having a pro kit containing a mixer. As well as improving sound quality, a top rated mixer will increase the efficiency of recordings. This is why having a good-quality mixer is recommended. Yet, the main question is what to look for in a podcast mixer?

Podcasting Mixer Features

The number of channels

Figure out the number of inputs you want to use. A regular set up uses 4 to 6 channels, including your microphone, Skype input for an interviewer, a local co-host microphone, Music as well as FX via iPad. You may also need an extra local co-host occasionally and plug a cell phone into another channel. In accordance with these considerations, look for mixers that enable multiple channels.

Controls and inline processing features

Most of the cheap quality mixers include knobs. Knobs are just fine for adjustments that hardly need any change during recordings such as gain, Pan or EQ. However, faders are better than knobs; they provide an edge for controlling the main volume. Also, faders offer better control than knobs. While faders assure that the recording sounds great, they’re a bit costly.

On the flip side, mixers with knobs come with a reasonable price tag and are fine to do simple control jobs. In addition to this, make certain that the mixers you’re considering include inline processing features such as a gain control, EQ and lo-cut filter. These inline features will reduce post-production tasks and allow fine control over sounds.


Obviously, you don’t wish to replace the mixer every once in a while. In fact, durability is paramount to making the most out of a podcast mixer. So check the durability and built of mixers in the market. It’s best to check mixers offered by reputed brands. Although these mixers will be expensive, they’re meant to last longer. Also, they will stand the testing of time and serve you longer. You can recoup the high cost in terms of better sound quality and higher longevity that will only enhance your podcasting venture.


Of course, you aren’t interested in expending too much on a podcast mixer, especially when you’ve just started with podcasting. However, don’t go for cheap quality mixers. You’ll have to buy the mixer every now and then. So make a balance between quality and price. As a thumb rule, check quality mixers that come with a reasonable price tag. You can also cut down your purchase bill by tapping promotional codes and discount deals offered by reliable brands. In this way, you can have a great mixer at a fraction of the actual cost.


A good mixer should come with an extended warranty. In fact, warranted products tend to be legitimate and last longer. Also, you can repair or replace the product in case something goes wrong with the mixer within the warranty period. Additionally, a warranty will save money on repairs during the initial years of your purchase.

Bottom line

Selecting the right mixer is necessary for enhancing the quality and efficacy of your podcast. Although a microphone will work fine, a good-quality mixer could help you produce fine tunes and dramatic sounds. Just check the above guide on what to look for in a podcast mixer, and you could get the best mixer for generating wonderful podcasts.

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