Where to tour at Nashville using a limo service

Where to tour at Nashville using a limo service


Nashville, the Music City, has got many internationally renowned music venues, breweries, vintage shops, art galleries, and historically significant places.  Most of the Nashville limo services have their own list of places to go. They even encourage customized tours so that you can enjoy the city according to your interests.

Here is a compilation of the must to go places with a Nashville limo service.


  • Get to know the Jack Daniels distillery, the making process, and its history



If you are having guy’s or girl’s day out, you might not want to miss the Jack Daniels distillery.  Enjoy the legendary ride while having the incredible whiskey. The distillery is located 90 miles from Nashville. The Nashville limo service offers a to-and-fro ride to this whiskey factory.



  • Enjoy a musical night at Broadway



Any idea why Nashville is tagged as the Music City. If not, make sure to spend some quality time at Broadway in downtown Nashville. Enjoy the sightseeing and numerous live music concerts.  Most of the Nashville limo services include this in their tour packages, and if it is not there, make sure you add it in your itinerary. If you miss the musical night of this city, you are missing the essence of Nashville.



  • Explore the Wineries and the Vineyards



There are numerous wineries and vineyards in Nashville. It is not possible to cover all the wineries, but almost every Nashville limo service includes at least three local and family-owned wineries in their tours. Most of the wineries provide free tasting. Additionally, you can go home with some finest and award-winning wine.



  • Get a ride to the Franklin



Grab a limo service from Nashville and escape from the hustle to enjoy the urban feel of Franklin. Franklin is just a few hours from Nashville and has many historical spots from the Battle of Franklin and has one of the largest Antebellum antique collections. Franklin is also the best place to shop especially for the antique collectors or the history hobbyists.  



  • See your favourite celebrities house



Some Nashville limo services offer a tour to your favorite celebrities’ home like Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Phil Vassar, and Kix Brooks. If you aren’t a fan of the celebrities, there are some must to visit antebellum homes and mansions that you should explore.  This tour usually includes a Belmont Mansion, Carnton Plantation, Carter House, Belle Meade Plantation, James K Polk’s House, and The Hermitage.



  • Holiday specials Nashville


If you are visiting Nashville during the holidays, you are going to love the holiday lights of the city. Most of the Nashville limo services provide Santa’s cookies and cedars during the season. The tour through the best-decorated homes of Nashville will be a treat to your eyes.

Once you have a glimpse of what the city has to offer, you can customize your tour accordingly. The beauty of customized tours is that there is no limit and you don’t have to stick on to a pre-set schedule. You can enjoy the city, the way you like it the best.


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