Why Should Your Kid Start Playing Golf At A Young Age?

Why Should Your Kid Start Playing Golf At A Young Age?

When talking about golf, one often imagines adults, especially senior citizens, enjoying the game at leisure. But, there are a number of benefits of introducing this game to young kids. The most obvious advantages are that it helps to get the children away from their laptops and palmtops and out into the open, appreciating the nature. This is especially critical aspect to consider in the present times when kids are addicted to digit gadgets and video games and not keen on playing with other kids their age.

Apart from this there are a number of mental and physical benefits of golf that children can take advantage of if they get started onto the game at a young age itself. If taking your child to a golf course regularly and investing in junior golf clubs seem too much for you, then reading the following benefits of golf will definitely make you change your mind.

3 Benefits of golf for children

  • Physical and health benefits

Let us consider the physical benefits from the very grassroot level keeping in mind children and even toddlers. Golf helps develop hand eye coordination, which is very useful from the golf point of view. It helps master the swings and in general it will improve other activities too for the child. Also, the amount of exercise done in the form of moving around the golf course, through the holes, has long term benefits.

There are certain physical advantages that are specific to the game of golf. These include improvements in object control and manipulative skills, acquiring awareness and mastering the skill of stability.

Object control and manipulative skills imply being efficient at throwing as well catching objects and striking them effectively. Balance, speed, agility and coordination are the stability skills that are learnt from golf. Lastly, awareness refers to being in sync with kinesthetic and spatial elements in and around you.

All of these physical skills can be applied anywhere and in any other sport further on in life.

  • Mental benefits

Golf essentially is a game that requires more of mental skills in order to think your moves, strategize in your mind and mentally assess the situations, all of this while following the rules of the game which are quite complex. Thus, golf helps develop problem solving skills while facing water hazards, bunkers, the wind or similar situations on the course. Assessing the risks on the field and strategizing to find the best possible way of reaching the hole in minimum number of strokes helps with risk assessments later in life.

Another key skill is determination especially in a game where you are all alone and have to motivate yourself to reach till the end. These skills are carried forward forever.

  • Social skills

Golf is a game where you learn the rules and apply them to yourself while playing. Thus, the game teaches you to be honest and sows the seeds of integrity. Also, consideration for those who are ahead of you and after you teaches etiquettes and respect. Being on time for the game and helping to keep the well maintained golf course clean teaches one to be civil.

All of these sport skills are not just for the game, but those that children will imbibe forever, turning into fine, young individuals.


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