Wine Essentials: The Fancy Bottle Stoppers

Wine Essentials: The Fancy Bottle Stoppers

A wine stopper or a wine bottle stopper is an essential accessory which is used to preserve the leftover drink in the bottle for a limited period of time. Bottle stopper plays an important role in sealing the bottle as it is quite difficult to place the cork back in the bottle.

There are several types of bottle stoppers available in the market. They are categorized based on material, size, and shape. The base of the stopper is usually made up of materials like plastic, cork or rubber. The top part plays the fancy role as it is decorated with precious crystals, stones or metals, wood, and plastic. The following article has categorized the stoppers based on several features.

  • Cork stoppers

To preserve the original flavor of the wine, it is best suitable to replace the original cork with a cork bottle stopper. Usually, oak cork is used to manufacture cork stopper as they keep the aroma and flavor as it is as compared to other type of cork stoppers.

  • Glass stoppers

Glass stoppers are mostly known for their aesthetic appeal and decorative sight. They are used during festive meals to add to the standard of the bottle seal. They are quite durable in nature and are most of the users invest in such type of stoppers due to the beauty. There is no other particular benefit of such stoppers other than the decoration.

  • Steel stoppers

Steel stoppers are the best investment if you want a durable stopper. They are available in a cone shape and have rubber bands which seal the stopper at the bottleneck. They can only be used for short periods as they cannot preserve the original flavor of wine as it is.

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